Difficult Topic

Suicide is not something our society is comfortable talking about. Many of us, however, live with some version of a depressive disorder. We have periods in our lives when suicide seems like a legitimate alternative to the pain we are in.

This pamphlet is intentionally short. The 34 pages are divided into 9 quick chapters:

  1. We Who Feel Alone
  2. The Fight to Stay
  3. The Journey
  4. Day to Day
  5. In Service
  6. Strength and Courage
  7. Treatment when Needed
  8. When Talk is Not Enough
  9. When to Discard a Pattern

Designed to be life-affirming, readers are encouraged to continue battling for their lives and/or their mental well being. Readers are cheered on in as they are often literally fighting for their lives. Intentionally designed to be a quick and encouraging because experience has taught us that someone who is emotionally and mentally burdened does not want to work through a dense read.

This bound pamphlet is for those going through depression; those who have, or fear having, suicidal thinking; it can be given to a friend or loved one who needs encouragement; it can be kept on hand for yourself when you need a personal cheerleader.

Dare to Not Die


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