Before Deadman’s, there was Gracie’s Story: 4 year anniversary!

Usually when you hear about Collie Dog Press, you’re going to be hearing about our Deadman’s series, our unique westerns that actually feature some of the diversity that was present on the frontier and that don’t shy away from showing that the women of the west were as tough and hardworking as the men.

Before Deadman’s though, the very first book Collie Dog Press published was a modern, non-fiction book focusing on a different kind of unique and quirky character: the English Bull Terrier known as Gracie. Along with telling Gracie’s story and sharing her exploits, the chapters alternate with information on how to train, care for, and transport dogs, along with some information on the history of the bull terrier breeds. And as a bonus – Gracie is still alive at the end of the book, so you don’t have to worry about falling in love with a goofball who dies!

It is now the 4 year anniversary of publishing this little gem of a book and it is high time Gracie’s story shared a place alongside its western cousins on our website.

If you enjoy dogs; if you know someone who would like to get a dog but would benefit from information on how to choose a breed; if you like a laugh; or if you just like to be reminded that you’re not the only person who has lived with a dog that makes you look silly – this book is worth a read!

Gracie’s book

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Book One: Deadman’s Stagecoach



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Collie Dog Press is proud to release our first book in the Historical, Western-Mystery, Deadman’s Series!

Book One

 Siblings Annie and Luke Hunter run a cattle ranch they’ve inherited from their parents, in what is known as The Territories and will soon become the Wyoming Territories. Their father was a fur trapper who settled the land before it was officially opened to settlement. When they were young children, their father traded cattle for Nez Perce horses and along with the horses came their foster-brother, Joseph Peopeo. Joseph now raises highly prized, well trained horses on the ranch – horses which often feature the colors that will become synonymous with the  Appaloosa breed.

The ranch has grown to be too much for the three of them to manage alone, so a childhood friend who has been out to the gold fields at Sutter’s Landing is ready to return home and help them. Everyone expects that along with helping to run the ranch, he’ll be asking for Annie’s hand in marriage. When the stage he’s returning on is attacked, the question becomes – did the bandits plan to rob the stage or hurt their friend? What item(s) of value did they believe to be available? Did their friend make enemies he hasn’t told them about?

The stage brings another unexpected guest who stays on to help out at the ranch.

Henry Little Light has spent his life divided among people. His mother was a slave, taken from her white owners during a Kiowa raid. She was then traded to Henry’s father, a Crow warrior. Once his father died, Henry’s mother took him to a Fort and finished raising him among the white folk there. Since the Crow are matrilineal she thought his best chance for a future was learning to read and write, then picking up a trade. She even married a freeman cabinetmaker who started training Henry. Henry seems like a nice fella, he volunteers to help, but does he have a hidden agenda? Or is he just another lost soul looking to reinvent himself in the ever changing West?


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