Book Clubs

In order to push the boundaries of my own reading habits – I think like many folx I can get stuck in ruts – I joined two online/virtual book clubs during covid. I have found them an excellent way to encounter genres and writers I might not otherwise take a chance on.

Lawson’s book deals deftly with a topic that is hard to find the humor in – depression. Yet she keeps us laughing. . . when we’re not crying.

Groff’s book is of a very different nature: historical fiction set in a nunnery in the dark ages. An example of the range that book clubs can bring into one’s life.

Nita Prose, The Maid

Jane Harper, The Survivors

Another set of different sort of books. The maid, while a murder mystery, tends to be a lighter read. The Survivors, a much darker suspense.

Book clubs can be an interesting way to stretch your reading in new directions. And many make their reading list public, so you don’t have to join the club to benefit from the ideas for new titles.