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Writer Showcase: John M. Donovan

Genre: Literary Fiction

Background: In third grade I started writing mystery stories with my friends as characters. At that point I can say I was writing specifically to entertain people.

In sixth grade I had the best teacher of all time, who not only laughed at my stories but encouraged me to write more. In seventh grade my English teacher told me “If you miss being a journalist, you’ve missed your calling.” (I’m not a journalist, but I’ve always broadly interpreted her statement to mean “being a writer.”) In high school I realized that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

Thanks to some discouraging words (“You can’t make a living writing”) and a nagging fear that maybe I wasn’t that good, I lost sight of this dream for a while and didn’t re-commit to writing till sometime in my late 20s.

Writing Highlight: I think I’m pretty good at capturing moments in time, writing realistic dialogue, using natural (not forced) humor, and getting my themes across without beating the reader over the head with them. I strive for smooth narratives that won’t trip the reader up.

LCW Front Cover Regular.png
Love and Corn and Whatnot
sequel to Trombone Answers

Next Project: In early 2021 I plan to release a novel that I consider the funniest thing I’ve ever written. It’s a satire of professional sports called Fluffball! Or, How Five Really Tall Guys and an Immortal Chinese Philosopher Opened the Door to a Parallel Universe and Saved Professional Nerf Basketball, More or Less.

After that release will be a novel much more grounded in reality called Kerouac’s Ghost.

To keep up with John M. Donovan follow his blog: https://www.hillsboropublishing.com/blog-1

U.S. Amazon Page: https://www.amazon.com/John-M-Donovan/e/B01DAN3OK6/

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