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Death, including murder, are part of western life. Especially in 1850 Wyoming territory.
That doesn’t mean you have to take the loss of a friend lying down.

Annie and Luke Hunter along with their foster brother Joseph Peopeo, raise Appaloosa horses and cattle east of the Laramie Mountains. Annie’s beau, Adam, is coming home from the California gold fields to help run the ranch but the stagecoach he’s on is attacked, and Adam is shot.

Family is the bedrock of their life and soon Annie, Luke, and Joseph are trying to uncover who targeted Adam.

Was one of the other two men on the stagecoach part of the gang: Mr. Garrett the photo maker, or Henry Little Light who says he’s seeking work? Does the new woman at the saloon, May, know more than she’s saying?

Where are the shooters hiding now?

While Annie runs the ranch with the help of teen sister and brother Janie and Gerry Moran, Luke and Joseph follow the tracks through the prairie and foothills only to find themselves led back to their own ranch. But will they arrive in time to help Annie?

A few Reviews:

 L’Amour Fans Will Enjoy Oslund’s Western Reviewed in the United States on July 6, 2019 Verified Purchase This story of good guys in pursuit of a murderer lopes along the rolling plains and rivers around Laramie with charm, warmth, and gunplay. Oslund shows a firm command of the genre, and readers who like westerns will enjoy this one.

 Wonderfully written historical western mystery novel Reviewed in the United States on October 15, 2016 Verified Purchase Wonderfully written historical western mystery novel! Not your typical western, the characters in this book have depth and are very relatable. I love the fact that the author included so many diverse characters and tackled some of the social issues of the time. Refreshing to see strong female leads and males with a conscious. If you’re looking for an escape from your reality, this book is easy to get lost in. A must read!